Be the Superhero 
of Your Industry

Learn How Professional Service Providers, Consultants, and Even Product-Based Business Owners are Finding Their Hidden Superhero to Build and Grow Their Businesses 
Using DynamoGuru Authority

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Because Your Superpowers Should Not Go Unused

Life is Too Short to Hide Your Gifts.
You Were Designed for More.

Use Your Expertise, 
Stand Out From the Crowd, 
and Sell Your Services

  • Professional Service Providers:  Become the Trusted Authority on Legal Matters, Real Estate, or Financial and Rise Above Being Just a Service Provider
  • Consultants, Coaches, Authors, & Speakers:   Become the Go-To Authority on Your Topic and Grow Your Business
  • Products & Services: Become a Trusted Advisor so You Can Sell more in your e-Commerce or Brick & Mortar Business

Do Good

Use Your Expertise & Knowledge to Help Others and Make an Impact in their Lives

Be Super

Enjoy a Thriving Business While Having a Fulfilling Life

Do Well

Build & Grow the Business 
of Your Dreams

Do Good

Use Your Expertise & Knowledge to Help Others

Do Well

Build & Grow Your Business

Be Super

Enjoy a Thriving Business While Having a Fulfilling Life

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

We See Your Hidden Superhero

We understand that selling from an “expert” position may seem like a big task – and you may not even feel like an expert, even though you are. We also understand that there are a lot of gurus out there, who don't know anywhere near as much as you do, but they are better known.  Marketing and business technology can be daunting - and not knowing how to use it is often keeping a superhero like you from sharing their gifts and changing the lives of others.

We'll Help You Stop Hiding and 
Get Your Message Out 
So You Can Make a Difference

We are a team of industry veterans, here to provide the support you need to enable you in achieving your dreams. We’ve helped many businesses just like yours create their message, their courses, and their presence online so that they could make a huge impact in the world.
We help you find the DynamoGuru that lives inside you.

Ways to Join

Monthly Subscription
$179 / mo

  • Get Your First Course DONE!  Access to the DynamoGuru Masterclass to learn all the skills for creating your first (or next) course.
  • ​Enjoy ​Access to the Membership Portal: Access to the library of business-building training. Learn all the skills for attracting clients, building a business and growing your business.
  • ​Access to the Private Facebook Group: Weekly Q&A sessions and group discussions, and weekly hot seat discussions.
  • Group Coaching
  • ​Monthly Challenges: Move you forward in your business
  • ​Exclusive invitations to Live Events and Online Summits:  Meet and Network with Other Members
  • Member Discounts: Master Classes and Special Events at discounted rates
  • Membership renews monthly, but you may cancel at any time.
  • You will be grandfathered at this rate for as long as you are a member.

90 Day Membership

  • ​Get Your First Course DONE! Access to the DynamoGuru Masterclass to learn all the skills for creating your first (or next) course.
  • ​Everything in the Monthly Membership, PLUS:
  • ​One Hot Seat per Year:  Get Your Business Reviewed and Your Personal Questions Answered During a Group Coaching Session

Upgrade to Annual Plan

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

  • ​​Everything in the Monthly Membership, PLUS:
  • One Hot Seat per Year: Get Your Business Reviewed and Your Personal Questions Answered 
  • ​One Extra Hot Seat Your First Year: Get Your Business Reviewed and Questions Answered a Second Time During the First Year
  • ​Invite a Friends:  Your Friend will get a complimentary annual membership when you buy a lifetime membership
  • ​You will never have to pay again for your Membership 

How to Become a DynamoGuru

Step 1: Click the Invitation Link

Click Below to Join the DynamoGuru Community.

Step 2:  Choose Membership Option

Choose your membership option -  monthly, annual , or lifetime.

Lifetime memberships will be available for a limited time.

Step 3: Build Your Dream Business

Build your plans, your authority, your sales, your business, and your legacy.

At DynamoGuru, we know you want use your gifts and expertise to help people, change lives, and build a business for yourself. In order to do that, you need to have the right support team in your corner. The problem is that there’s so much noise online and offline and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, which makes you feel burnt out - and maybe even a little lost. You probably don’t have time to learn all of the technology, nor do you have a full-time staff member to do it for you. We believe that a successful marketer should have all of the technological advantages, but spend more time providing their expertise to clients, and less on managing busy work and technology.

We understand that you work long and stressful days to serve your clients at high level, which is why we provide the tools and resources to increase your sales and grow your business, so you’ll have less stress. Here’s how we do it: We bring in new members 2-3 times per year, work with them on building their DynamoGuru branding and presence, and they build and scale a business where they can do good for others, do well for themselves, and have a super work-life balance that enables you to focus on things that really matter in life.

So, request your spot in our community, and in the mean time learn how to build your business with your expert positioning by downloading our free report so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and instead feel confident that your hard-earned skills and superpowers will help others, and not go unused. You were made for this.

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